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Zeiss Axiolab Pol
Modell: Axiolab Pol
Datum: 1995
Kategorie: Medizinische und biomedizinische Geräte
Beschreibung: Upright Polarisation Microscope
The Axiolab Pol polarisation microscopes are light
microscopes that can be used in research,

industry and training for all application areas that call
for polarisation-optical contrasting and

determination of optical characteristics of primarily
anisotropic, transparent and/or opaque

materials, e.g. in

•	geology (mineral and texture determination of natural and
technical minerals, e.g. in the areas of petrography and
salt petrography),

•	chemistry (quality control of interim and end products,
e.g. material testing of polymer and compound materials,
moulded parts, fibres and films or pharmaceutical products),

•	environmental research and analysis (phase and quantity
analysis of recycling products, recycling materials, dust
mixtures and asbestos fibres),

•	medicine and biology (determination and composition of
urinary calculi, urinary sediments, bio-crystallates and
diagnosis of pathological characteristics),

•	forensics (trace analysis of materials or of explosives,
for example),

•	building material analyses (determination of optical and
thus mechanical characteristics on new and historic building
substance, analyses of building ceramics),

•	metallography and ceramics industry (analysis, phase
analysis, structural analysis of metallic and ceramic
materials in transmitted and reflected light).

Description of the unit

The Axiolab Pol microscopes are powerful laboratory
microscopes that feature a compact design. An ergonomically
favourable and clear arrangement of operator controls and a
favourable viewing height with a 30° viewing angle ensure
swift adaptation to the respective application task in
research and teaching and also enable fatigue-free working
when undertaking routine operations.

The microscopes are based on a modular structure, i.e.
standard modules can be added effortlessly by fitting
alternative modules or additional equipment.
The carrier element for this purpose is the stand, in which
the transmitted light unit and the power supply are integrated.

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