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Tektronix P6015A Tastkopf
Modell: P6015A
Datum: 2004
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Tastkopf
Beschreibung: Passive High Voltage Probes
                                    P5100 High Voltage Probe

The P5100 is a low-input capacitance
High Voltage Probe (2.5 kV) designed for
higher frequency applications. The Probe
can be compensated to match plug-ins
and oscilloscopes with nominal input
capacitances of 7 to 30 pF. A variety of
screw-on Accessories provide easy
connection to the device under test.

P5102 & P5120 Isolated Channel Applications

In many applications, it is important to be
able to isolate the measurement from
earth ground and also to isolate the
common voltage between channels.
The P5102, paired with the THS700
Series handheld digital storage
oscilloscopes, and the P5120, coupled
with the TPS2000 Series digital storage
oscilloscopes, deliver both the isolation
for the measurement from earth ground
and full isolation between the channels.
The 100 MHz P5102 is designed to give
you isolated channel performance for up
to 1,000 V RMS CAT II when used with the
THS700 Series oscilloscopes. The
200 MHz P5120 passive high voltage
probe, for use with the TPS2000 Series
oscilloscopes, is designed to give you up
to 1,000 V RMS CAT II of isolated channel
performance. A variety of screw-on
adapters are available for easy connection
to the device under test.

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