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Symetrix 564E Compressor/Limiter/Leveler
Modell: 564E
Datum: 1991
Kategorie: Bühnen- Studiotechnik
Gruppe: Compressor/Limiter/Leveler
Beschreibung: Quad Expander/Gate
                                    Each of the four channels may be individually operated in
GATE or EXPander mode. Balanced or unbalanced signals may be
applied to the XLR style input connectors. To further expand
the 564E's functional possibilities, a control loop (send
and return) is included for devices like delay lines and
graphic equalizers (for enhancement of frequency sensitive
operation). This allows special effects and manipulation of
problem audio sources.
Wide range front panel control allows extensive signal
manipulation to solve problems found in both studio and live
environments. With all controls being fully variable, the
level of performance you are able to extract from the 564E
depends entirely on your understanding of these controls.
For this reason, the following pages include a tutorial
section to aid in understanding the various functions
available from the 564E.

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1.1	Product Description

1.2	Control of Dynamic Range with Expanders and Gates

1.3	Threshold

1.4	Expanders and Ratio

1.5	Gates and Range

1.6	Frequency Conscious Gating

2.	Using the 564E

2.1	Block Diagram

2.2	Installation

2.3	Signal Levels

2.4	Front Panel Controls and Switches

2.5	Rear Panel Connections

3.	Fast First Time Setup

3.1	Connections

3.2	Switch Settings

3.3	Rotary Control Settings

3.4	Meter Readings

4.	Applications

4.1	Introduction

4.2	Noise Elimination

4.3	Tightening Up Drums

4.4	Preventing False Triggering

4.5	Console Sub-Outs

4.6	Effects Returns

4.7	Vocal Monitors Trouble Shooting Specifications

Appendix~Hipass & Lopass Filter Roll-Off 
Service Information Limited Warranty 10. 
564E PCB Layout and Schematics

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