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Dentron JR. Monitor Tuner
Modell: JR. Monitor
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Tuner
Beschreibung: Antenna Tuner
                                    The JR. Monitor Antenna Tuner is a sub-compact 300 watt
capability Antenna Tuner of modern design. Its features
offer the Amateur. SWL or CBer the ultimate in operating
flexibility. Virtually any type of Antenna system can be
used, whether it be COAX (50 or 75 ohm) balanced fine
(twin-lead), or random wire. The JR. Monitor not only
matches any type of feedline to a nominal 50 ohms, but is
small enough to go absolutely anywhere from mobile to fixed
to portable use. A mobile mounting bracket is included, and
the unit is equipped with rubber feet to protect Other
equipment when stacking the JR. Monitor. Another unique
feature built into the unit is an RF sampling circuit and
companion relative power output meter, front panel mounted.
Using the relativ power output meter greatly aids timing,
especially when an SWR bridge/ power meter (such as the
Dentron W-2I is unavailable. The frequency range of the JR.
MONITOR Tuner is 1.8 to 30 MHz. continuous. The JR. Monitor
was designed to be used with any exciter or Transceiver
producing up to 300 watts output. American made components
and all-metal construction of the unit combine for long life
and trouble free service.

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