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Rohde & Schwarz ESVD 1026.5506.10 Analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz
Modell: ESVD 1026.5506.10
Datum: 1996
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Analyzer
                                    •	For field-strength measurements in the planning stage and operation of mobile radio networks (GSM, PCN)  •	For RFI measurements to European standards EN55011 to 55022, ETS, FCC, VCCI and VDE 0871 to 0879  •	In line with CISPR 16-1, VDE 0876 and ANSI C63.2 Frequency range 20 to 1 000 (2050) MHz  Level measurement range -14 to +1 37 dBf.iV Frequency resolution 100 Hz, setting error <1 10~7 Field-strength measurements using test antennas  Filter bandwidths for coverage measurements in cellular networks •	Programmable test receiver for selective voltage measurements in laboratory and test department  •	Manual operation or control via internal or external controller  •	Battery supply (int./ext.) or AC supply     Test Receiver ESVD is equally suitable for the measurement of signal strength and interference.  For planning and operation of mobile radio networks it is essential to know the propagation conditions in the area to be covered. Test Receiver ESVD features optimal bandwidths for mobile radio services as well as a high measurement rate so that it is ideal for fixed and mobile coverage measurements.  The number of measurements required to ensure electromagnetic compatibility is continuously increasing in the field of RFI measurements. Thanks to the built-in intelligence of Test Receiver ESVD, the time required for such measurements is reduced considerably. Being also a specialist for EMI measurements to CISPR, CENELEC, ETSI, FCC, VCCI and VDE standards, the ESVD can furnish results more rapidly and accurately than has been possible up to now. Description  Test Receiver ESVD for digital mobile radio networks is a triple-conversion heterodyne receiver covering the frequency range from 20 to 1000 (2050) MHz. Its main features and facilities are:  •	RF attenuator switchable in 10-dB steps in the range 0 to 1 20 dB  •	One preselector with fixed tuning and five tracking preselectors, option ESVD-B2 with four additional filters with fixed tuning  •	Preamplifier with wide dynamic range, can be switched between preselector and 1 st mixer  •	Crystal-stabilized Synthesizer as  1	st LO, variable in 100-Hz steps, sweep mode for fast frequency scans; frequency accuracy complying with GSM recommendations  •	High-level mixer ensuring high isolation of 1 st LO for converting the input frequency to the first IF (1354.7 MHz or 394.7 MHz) •	High-level mixers for conversion to the second (74.7 MHz) and third (10.7 MHz) IF  •	IF filters (10 kHz, 120 kHz,  300 kHz and 1 MHz) in the third IF stage with group-delay optimization  •	Precise l/Q demodulator  •	Highly linear envelope detector with more than 70 dB dynamic range  •	Peak, average and quasi-peak detectors operating in parallel, which enables simultaneous measurements in different weighting modes  •	Peak indication with IF bandwidth correction factors for measuring broadband interference (PK/  MHz) automatically taken into account  •	Measurement monitoring by means of automatic overload detection in the relevant ESVD stages and by the permanently activated peak detector          •	Logarithmic Amplifier with more than 70 dB dynamic range  •	1 2-bit A/D Converter with short conversion time  •	Measurement time selectable between 1 ms and 100 s  •	Flash EPROMs allowing convenient and fast firmware updating with the aid of a PC  •	Digital level indication on LC display and analog level indication on moving-coil meter taking into account transducer factors and their units  •	Automatic calibration at a keystroke with the aid of a high-precision built-in Generator  •	Demodulator circuits for FM, AM and AO; built-in loudspeaker and headphones connector  •	Automatic monitoring of all Synthesizer loops and supply voltages during operation  •	Detection of faulty modules by built-in selftest facilities

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1	Data Sheet

2	Preparations for Use

2.1	Putting into Operation
 ... 2.1

2.1.1	Setting up the Receiver
 ... 2.1

2.1.2	Rackmounting  ... 
 ... 2.1

2.1.3	Power Supply
 ... 2.1	Mains Operation
 ... 2.1	Operation with Internal Battery
 ... 2.2	Operation with External Battery
 ... 2.4

2.1.4	Switching on
 ... 2.4

2.2	Function Test
 ... 2.5

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