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Advantest Corporation U3641N Spektrumanalysator
Advantest Corporation
Modell: U3641N
Datum: 1996
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Spektrumanalysator
                                    U3641/3641PHS/3641N is a portable spectrum Analyzer that
allows analysis with high stability by
the adoption of a synthesized local Oscillator.
The U3641/3641PHS has the input impedance of 50Ω and the
U3641N has 75Ω.
To further increase portability there are three Power supply
choices: a battery pack, AC/DC
adapter or an external DC supply.
This allows a variety of power configurations.
The 6 inch TFT color LCD display greatly improves the
efficiency of waveform observation.
By using the internal preamplifier, this analyzer’s strength
comes into play for the analysis of the
micro level signal.

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