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Farnell Instruments OMNIBUS OBI Interface
Farnell Instruments
Datum: 1980
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
Beschreibung: IEEE488 Interface
                                    The Omnibus is a unit which will Interface a wide variety of
digital instruments to the IEEE488 bus. The unit has both
instrument input and output capability i.e. it can input
b.c.d. (binary coded decimal) information from digital
multimeters, digital tachometers, digital frequency counters
and digital panel meters or output information to
programmable instruments like digital multimeters for range
programming, start conversion and hold data.
The Omnibus performs all the IE E E ί» 88 handshake
procedures necessary to perform talker and listener functions.
A integral a/d Converter is available with the Omnibus to
Interface analogue instruments with the IEEEU88 bus system.
(option 0B2)

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