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Solartron 1287 Interface
Modell: 1287
Datum: 2002
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
                                    ELECTROCHEMISTRY AND SI1287
Electrochemical measurements rely on the electrical aspect
of chemical processes to provide readable data. This is
based on Faraday’s law which relates the change in mass per
unit area of a substance, to the magnitude of the current
flowing through it. Measurements are made of the voltage and
current acting in an electrochemical "cell", whose basic
form is a pair of metal electrodes immersed in an electrolyte.
The wide range of studies to which electrochemical
measurements can be usefully applied includes: corrosion,
effectiveness of protective coatings, batteries, and
biological processes.
For these measurements the SI1287 Electrochemical Interface
can provide accurate d.c. polarization to establish the rate
of ionization in the cell and frequency response analysis to
study the cell impedance characteristics. The full spectrum
of electrochemical measurement techniques can thus be
employed to establish or study the mechanisms of various
electrochemical phenomena.
The SI1287 Advanced Electrochemical Interface is an
exceptional adaptable instrument. It can stand alone, or
form the center of a powerful measurement system.
The SI1287 can be used either as a potentiostat or
galvanostat, with selectable control loop bandwidth to
ensure stable operation for various types of cell. Full
compensation and correction facilities are provided to
enable you to extract the most useful information from your
experimental data, with the utmost precision.
Control of the SI1287 is managed manually from the front
panel keyboard, or by simple commands that are applied from
a controller, such as a personal computer, via the GPIB.
Data from the SI1287 may be output in the form most suitable
for your analysis requirements. ASCII and binary coded data
is available, as well as ASCII coded status messages.

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1 Introduction
Introduces the facilities of the SI1287 Electrochemical
Interface, gives a comparison to the 1286, and summarizes
the content of the manual.
2 Using the SI1287
Guides you through some simple uses of the SI1287 and
signposts the way to more advanced uses.
3 SI 1287 Parameters and Commands
Provides a logical breakdown of the facilities and the
commands that are used to drive them.
4 Remote Control
Describes the RS232 and GPIB facilities of the SI1287.
5 Using the SI1.287 with an FRA
Guides you through connection and setup of the SI1287 when
used with an FRA.
A Installation Procedure B Error Codes C SI1287 Specification

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