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Radiomarine Corporation of America CRM-50092 Receiver
Radiomarine Corporation of America
Modell: CRM-50092
Datum: 1942
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Receiver
Beschreibung: Pre-Selector
                                    The model RAZ-1 radio receiving equipment comprises the
following major units:

CRM-46092 - Radio Receiver

CRM-50092 - Pre-Selector

CRM-20096 - Rectifier Power Supply Unit

The CRM-4.6092 radio Receiver and the CRM-50092 preselector
cover a continuous frequency range of 15 to 600 K.C.,
divided into four bands. Two selector switches are used on
the radio Receiver and a similar switch is employed on the
pre-selector to obtain the following frequency ranges:

Range 1 - 15 to 40 K.C.

Range 2 - 40 to 100 K.C*

Range 3 - 100 to 250 K.C.

Range 4 - 250 to 600 K.C.

Ample overlap between each of the four ranges Is


A total of six vacuum tubes are used in the equipment as

CRM-46092 - Receiver

1 - 6K7	- R. F. Amplifier

1 - 6K7	- Regenerative Detector

1 - 6K7	- First Audio Amplifier

1 - 6F6	- Second Audio Amplifier

CRM-50092 — Pre-Selector 1 - 6SG7 - R. F. Amplifier
CRM-20096 - Rectifier Power Supply Unit 1 - 5W4 - Full Wave

The power drain from the 110 volt, 50/60 cycle, supply line
is approximately 40 watts. For emergency service when A.C.
is not available, the Receiver and pre-selector may be used
without the rectifier unit. In such cases a 6 volt storage
Battery to deliver 2.3 amperes and a 90 volt nBw battery to
deliver 15 m.a. are required.

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