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Kikusui Electronics Corporation COS 5040 Oszilloskop
Kikusui Electronics Corporation
Modell: COS 5040
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oszilloskop
                                    Kikusui Model COS5040/5041 Oscilloscope is a dual-channel
Oscilloscope with frequency bandwidth DC - 40 MHz (-3 dB),
maximum sensitivity 1 mV/DIV, and maximum sweep time 20
nsec/DIV. Model 5041 has a sweep magnification feature with
B sweep. The Oscilloscope employs a 6-inch rectangular type
cathode-ray tube with red internal graticule.
The Oscilloscope is sturdy, easy to operate, and exhibits a
high operation reliability. It is incorporated with the
various convenient features and excellent functions, making
itself an ideal instrument for diversified types of research
and development work of electronic devices and equipment it
can also be efficiently used for production lines and for
maintenance and service.

(1) Compact, light, but sturdy:
The Oscilloscope is made of aluminium diecast and it is
compact, light, but sturdy.
(2) Excellent operability:
Light torque types of lever switches and pushbutton switches
are used. These and other controls are laid out in the most
rational locations taking purposes and frequencies of their
uses into consideration, thereby attaining an excellent
(3) High-brightness Domed-mesh type CRT, high post
scceleration voltage. (12 kV):
The high acceleration voltage and high beam-efficiency of
CRT ensures a bright trace for high speed sweep observation.

(4) High stability with less drift:
The Oscilloscope employs a newly-developed temperature
compensation circuit, thereby greatly reducing drift of base
lines and DC balance distrubance caused by temperature change.
(5) A trigger level lock function which makes triggering
adjustment procedure unnecessary:
A new trigger level lock circuit is incorporated. This
circuit eliminates the requirement of troublesome triggering
adjustment procedure not only for display of regular signals
but also for that of video signals and large duty cycle
ratio signals.
(6) TV sync triggering:
The Oscilloscope has a .sync separator circuit and
triggering for TV V signal and TV H signal can be
automatically switched being linked to Che TIME/DIV switch.
(7) Linear focus:
Once the bean focus is adjusted to the optimum position, it
is automatically maintained irrespective of intensity
change, even for such waveforms with brightness variation as
those displayed in the A INTEN mode.

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