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Hewlett Packard 11848A Interface
Hewlett Packard
Modell: 11848A
Datum: 1987
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
                                    The HP 11848A is the Phase Noise Interface for the HP 3048A
Phase Noise Measurement System. The Interface supports
several measurement techniques for phase noise and AM noise
measurements. Inside the Interface are the phase detectors,
amplifiers, filters, and switches necessary to measure phase
noise over a frequency range of 5 MHz to 18 GHz. An input
for an external phase detector outside that frequency range
is also provided. The built-in sources allow the system to
functionally check all of its signal handling circuits to
insure proper operation before measurements are made.

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This manual applies directly to instruments with serial
numbers prefixed:
2621A to 2815A rev.20APR88

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