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Tektronix 7L5 Spektrumanalysator
Modell: 7L5
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Spektrumanalysator
Beschreibung: Spectrum Analyzer Plugin
                                    The 7L5 is a 5 MHz spectrum Analyzer with digital storage.
Frequency stability is within 5 Hz/hr and center frequency
(dot) can be read with six digit accuracy immediately after
turn-on. There is no need to fine tune the display. Complex
measurements and analysis can be made with relative ease.
Built-in micro-processing circuits decode control settings,
process frequency and reference level information, and
optimize sweep time and resolution for the selected
frequency span.
The 7L5 with 80 dB or more of spurious free dynamic range,
provides the ability to measure wide relative amplitudes.
Nanovolt sensitivity provides very low-level signal and
noise measurements.
The 7L5 display is fully calibrated in dBm, dBV, or volts/d
iv. The reference level can be accurately set to 1 dB
increments. A front panel input buffer control increases
front-end immunity to intermodulation distortion while
maintaining a constant reference level. To accommodate a
wide variety of impedance sources, the 7L5 uses quick
disconnect Plug-In input impedance modules of 50 0, 75 Q,
600 O, 1 MO/28 pF and customized units to meet special
Digital storage allows any 7000-Series mainframe, with crt
readout, to present clean, easy to photograph, displays. A
smooth integrated display provides an accurate analysis of
most displays. Two complete displays can be held in memory
for comparison. Two modes select either the conventional
peak display or a digitally averaged display.

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To effectively use the 7L5 Spectrum Analyzer, the operation
and capabilities of the instrument must be known. This
instruction manual covers general operating information
about the instrument. Service information, such as circuit
description and calibration are contained in the Service manual.

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