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Tigertronics SignaLink SL-1+ Konverter
Modell: SignaLink SL-1+
Datum: 2005
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Konverter
Beschreibung: Sound Card - Radio Interface
                                    The SignaLink Model SL-1+ is an enhanced version of the
Tigertronics SL-1 Sound Card - Radio Interface. In addition
to providing all the features and capabilities of the original
SignaLink, the SL-1+ offers fully adjustable Transmit and
Receive Audio levels, a front panel selectable short or
variable “Hang Time” delay, and a more sensitive Auto-
PTT™ circuit. These new features insure compatibility with
virtually all radio Mic jacks, Data and Accessory Ports, and
now make it possible to attach the SignaLink to the back of
the radio, so that you can keep your microphone plugged-in!
Support for Voice modes such as Internet Repeater Linking
(EchoLink, etc.) and Voice Contest Keyer operation is now
provided, and switching from Digital to Voice can be done
with just a press of the “Delay” switch.
The SignaLink SL-1+ is designed and manufactured using
only the highest quality components. Assembly is done
using “state of the art” robotic production equipment. Strict
testing of every unit, and our high level of quality control
insures you of a premium quality product that will provide
many years of dependable service. A great deal of effort has
gone into the design and manufacture of the SignaLink SL-
1+, and we are very proud to make it available.

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Hi Warren
I'm sorry, but I don't sell any parts.

Hi; I have a SignaLink ModelSL-1+ sound card-radio interface. Can I purchase A cable accessory kit ( P/N SLASSY) for this unit? Thanks k5wer-

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