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Tektronix WFM 601E Wave Analyzer
Modell: WFM 601E
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Wave Analyzer
Beschreibung: Serial Digital Component Waveform Monitor
                                    The waveform monitors measure and display 4:2:2 component
serial digital
signals. The waveform monitors display serial digital
signals as the familiar
component signals and in a variety of standard measurement
modes. You can use
the EDH (Error Detection and Handling) system and the suite
of automated
checks of the serial digital format to verify data integrity.
Most of the features listed in this section are common
across all three waveform
monitors. Where a feature applies only to a specific model,
the model is in
parentheses following the feature description. The waveform
monitors offer the
following features:
- Two 270 Mbit serial component loop-through inputs
- Digital video standards SMPTE 259M, ITU-R BT.656, and
ITU-R BT.601
- RGB and Y-PB-PR display format for 525 and 625 line signals
- Eye Pattern display with Timing and Voltage Cursors (WFM 601E,
WFM 601M)
- Jitter demodulator with numeric jitter readout and video
correlated jitter
waveform display (WFM 601M)
- Parade or Waveform display of Y, PB, and PR component signals
- RGB and composite Gamut checks with Diamond and Arrowhead
- Field, line, and word select with readout and bright up of
selected lines on
Picture Monitor Out (Y or G Channel) (WFM 601E, WFM 601M)
- SMPTE RP-165 standard EDH indicator for presence
- Digital Waveform and Data displays with Data-cursor
correlation between
display modes (WFM 601M)
- Embedded Audio indentification
- Source-level meter and cable-length readout (WFM 601E, WFM
Lightning and Vector displays
- Reclocked Serial Component Digital output following A/B
- Video Reference: Internal Serial Component signal (follows
A/B switching)
or external composite
- Audio Lissajous display (WFM 601A)
An expanded feature set is available through menus. You
select menu items with
multi-use bezel buttons and knobs. When you select a menu
item, such as
Voltage Cursors, on-screen labels show the current function
of the bezel buttons
and knobs.
The waveform monitor provides an internal Calibrator signal
to set both vertical
and horizontal gain. The Calibrator signal is a 700 mV, 100
kHz signal. Press the
CONFIG button and use the bezel knob to select the Calibrate
menu. Press the
CAL SIG button to turn on the Calibrator signal.

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This manual provides servicing information for the WFM 601A,
WFM 601E,
and WFM 601M Serial Digital Component Waveform Monitors.
described in this manual are designed for experienced
service technicians. For
detailed operating information, refer to your waveform
monitor User manual.
See section 7, Options, for the part number of the User manuals.
This manual supports both Module Level (for module exchange)
and Component
Level service. Module Level service uses the block diagram
and its descriptions
to isolate a problem to the circuits on a particular circuit
board. To support
Component Level servicing there are schematic diagrams,
circuit board
illustrations, and part location tables for each circuit board.
When preparing to service this instrument, remember that its
circuit boards
contain surface mount components. Surface mount components
require special
techniques and tools for removal and installation.
Most of the information and procedures in this manual are
common across the
family of waveform monitors. However, each waveform monitor
has several
unique features. When a procedure or a description is
applies to a specific model,
it is indicated with the model number of the waveform
monitor in parentheses.
About This Manual
This manual is composed of the following sections:
- Specifications provides a list of all instrument
performance requirements,
operating environment requirements,and certifications.
- Operating Information provides an overview of the main
- Theory of Operation provides a block diagram description
of the instrument
- Performance Verification provides a manual procedure for
verifying the
performance requirements in the Specifications section.
- Adjustment Procedures provides an automated procedure for
adjusting the
waveform monitor following repair.
- Maintenance provides instructions for troubleshooting and
instrument modules.
- Options provides a list of the available product options.

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