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Advantest Corporation U4341N Spektrumanalysator
Advantest Corporation
Modell: U4341N
Datum: 1996
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Spektrumanalysator
                                    The U4941 series Field Analyzer is a very portable RF Field
Analyzer; that is it has been
developed to be used for maintenance inspections and the
like, in locations away from the lab
bench and often out of doors, in the field. The U4941 /
4941PHS has the input impedance of 50Ω
and the U4941N has 75Ω.
Even though the Analyzer is small and light in mass, it has
a color LCD display. To further
increase portability there are three Power supply choices: a
removable battery, AC / DC Adapter or
an external DC supply.

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T h e operation manual for the U4941 series/U4341
series/U4342 series R F field Analyzer covers h o w
to use the analyzer, its functions, m e as u r e m e n t
methods, and operational and maintenance
precautions. In order to maximize the utility of the
Analyzer for you, w e ask that you first familiarize
yourself with the contents of this manual.

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