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Kyocera FS-1500/A Drucker
Modell: FS-1500/A
Datum: 1992
Kategorie: Computer usw.
Gruppe: Drucker
                                    •	Compact design — Thanks to the inboard paper cassette
configuration, the Printer installation requires a space as
small as a computer display does.

•	Ultra long life modules — The main modules for developing
image and printing, such as the drum, developer, and the
fuser, are specifically designed for extraordinarily long
life and need no periodic replacement. The drum is made of
amorphous silicon which is environmentally transparent and
is designed as a permanent component in the Printer. The
only maintenance regularly needed is to replenish the toner
supply in the developer every 5,000 pages (A4 size, 5%) and
to clean some parts inside the Printer.

•	Minimized ozone gas emission —The Printer employs no
intense negative corona charge that is found in many laser
printers and generates ozone gas. Therefore, the amount of
ozone gas that the Printer generates is extraordinarily low.

•	Amorphous silicon drum — Kyocera’s own and unique ceramics
technology brought an extremely hard and tough drum with
extraordinarily long service life. Also, the drum has
prominent photoconductive properties, such as stability and
reliability against varying temperatures, resistance to heat
and solvent, etc., which offer high resolution and fine
image with surprising fidelity.

•	Safe and clean waste —The toner supply container and the
waste toner bottle are made of a burnable material which
generates no harmful gas when burning.

Print Engine Features

•	High speed — A4-size pages typically print at the rate of
10 pages per minute. (Actual time required varies according
to page complexity.)

•	Large paper capacity —The Printer accommodates the paper
feed cassette with a capacity of 250 sheets (75 g/m' [20
lbs/ream] basis weight, 0.1 mm thickness). It also provides
a face-down output tray and a face-up output tray.

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