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Solartron 7054 Digital Multimeter
Modell: 7054
Datum: 1975
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter

The 7054/7144 BCD Output Module is used on the 7054 and 7144
DMM, the difference in their scale lengths being catered for
by a set of links on the Module pcb. A common pcb is used
for both types of instrument, Solartron Part Number 70509004.

The BCD Output Module provides an isolated parallel BCD
output from the 7054/7 144 DMM, consisting of the magnitude,
and the range (in BCD code). The DMM mode is manually
selected and is therefore not programmable.

The BCD Output Module operates in the normal sample/print
command closed loop mode, generally associated with a system
incorporating a Recorder (Teleprinter, Typewriter, etc.) and
its Drive Unit, or similar devices which provide the
necessary TTL compatible input/output. The following
equipment is recommended for use with the 7054/7144 DMM.

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PART 1	7050 Digital multimeter
PART 2	7140 Digital multimeter
PART 3	BCD Output Module (for 7054/7144 Digital Multimeters

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