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Sony BKDF-712 Mixer
Modell: BKDF-712
Kategorie: Bühnen-Studiotechnik
Gruppe: Mixer
                                    The Sony DFS-700/700P DME Switcher is a Digital
Multi Effects system, offering high-performance
effects at high image quality. The system consists of a
processor unit and control panel.
Support for fully digital component
systems with SDI inputs and outputs
This system provides SDI interfaces as standard
equipment. This allows it to be incorporated in fully
digital linear editing systems using DVCAM-series,
Betacam SX-series, and other digital VCRs.
Advanced special effects
This system is equipped with advanced special effects,
including trail, lighting effects, ripple, swirl, and
Installing the optional BKDF-711 board adds a second
DME channel, and the optional BKDF-712 board
enables 3D mapping effects to be used.
For details of option boards, see page 1-3.
Support for wide range of input/output
signal formats
• There are eight inputs as standard (VIDEO INPUT 1
to 8).
VIDEO INPUT 1 to 4: SDI (serial digital interface)
VIDEO INPUT 5 to 8: analog component signals.
VIDEO INPUT 8 can also be used as an analog
RGB signal input.
Installing the optional BKDF-701 board allows all
eight inputs to be used as either SDI or analog
component inputs.
Installing the optional BKDF-702/702P board allows
four inputs to be used as either Y/C (S-video) or
analog composite inputs.
For details of option boards, see page 1-3.
• The standard outputs are two each of SDI, analog
component, analog composite, and Y/C, for a total of
eight outputs.

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This manual is the service manual Vol.1 of the DME Switcher
DFS-700/700P and their optional boards.
The service manuals (Vol.1 and Vol.2) are intended for use
by trained system and service engineers, and describes the
information on installing, maintenance, and
detailed service.
This manual (Vol.1) describes the operating instructions,
service overviews, diagnosis, and electrical alignment.

This manual is organized by following sections.
Section 1 Operating Instructions
This section describes the Operation Manual supplied with
the DFS-700/700P.
Section 2 Service Overview
This section explains the information that is required for
installing (the operating
conditions, Power Supply and power cords, installaion of the
optional board, rack
mounting, adaptive connectors), outline of the board
circuit, replacement of the parts,
switch setting on the board, error indication, and tools and
adjustment equipment.
Section 3 Self-diagnosis
This section explains the activation (termination) of the
check mode in this unit, the
basic operation, and the check method.
Section 4 Electrical Alignment
This section explains the adjustment of the OPM-39, IPM-69,
and VIF-20 boards.

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