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Wavetek 3510 Генератор
Модель: 3510
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Генератор
Описание: 1 GHz Programmable Signal Generator
                                    Every feature is designed to your needs.
The Wavetek Model 3510 Programmable Signal Generator offers
a unique approach to signal generator control.
From the chassis up, the Model 3510 is designed to be easily
adaptable to your application needs. Its frequency range of
1 to 1040 MHz covers a wide spectrum of testing
requirements, and the 100 Hz resolution (.001% accuracy)
provides the precision you need. Frequency settling time is
typically just 40 milliseconds. Other programmable
generators might take as long as 2 seconds. If you want more
than the standard 0.2 ppm/hr stability a variety of
high-stability external/internal reference options are
available. The RF output power can be set in 0.1 dB steps,
from -137 dBm to +13 dBm with a flatness of ±1 dB. Internal
modulation can be set to any frequency between 80 Hz and 10
kHz in 10 Hz increments.
But the most important feature is how easily all this
performance can be put into action. Let us show you how.
We've redefined programmability.
High-speed GPIB programmability is standard with the Model
3510. Every control function except the on/off switch is
accessible from the bus. Wavetek programming conventions let
you send instructions in free format. A non-volatile memory
can store up to 32 complete front- panel setups for fast
test sequences. With these stored settings, a completely new
setup can be output by a single instruction.
The Model 3510 executes GPIB commands very quickly.
Successive frequency changes can be executed in 75 msec.

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Wavetek -- 3510 -- Руководство по техническому обслуживанию
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Main part from the original service manual.
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Wavetek -- 3510 -- Технический паспорт
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Дата: Январь 1984
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