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Hewlett Packard 5334A Частотомер
Hewlett Packard
Модель: 5334A
Дата: 1987
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Частотомер
Описание: 100 MHz Universal Counter
                                    The HP 5334A and HP 5334B are Universal Counters capable
of measuring up to 100 MHz.
With the optional C Channel this capability is extended
to 1.3 GHz. The instrument's basic measurement functions
include Frequency, Period, Time, Time Delay, Ratio,
and Totalize. The resident Multiple Register Counter
(MRC) and three single chip microprocessors used to
generate data, compute and display answers, expand the
usefulness of the counter by providing post measurement
data manipulation. This allows the additional power
and convenience of user-defined measurement function
keys for Math Functions, Pulse Width, Rise/Fall Time,
and voltage peaks of the input signal; and the Model
HP 5334A includes a nonvolatile memory that provides
the capability to save and recall up to nine different
front panel setups (the Model HP5334B does not contain
the nonvolatile memory feature).

Expanded Universal Counter Capability for Bench or System

-	Rise/fall time, pulse width measurements at the push of a

-	Measure the ac/dc voltage of the input signal.

-	Offset, normalize, and average measurements for greater
usability of results.

-	Auto triggering and auto attenuation for user convenience.

As well as

-	100 MHz frequency and period measurements with resolution
of 9 digits per second of gate time.

-	Time interval and time interval delay to 2 ns resolution,
200 ps with averaging.

-	Full HP-IB programmability standard with optional rear
inputs for system applications. Make up to 140 readings per

-	1.3 GHz C Channel, MATE Interface, and High Stability Oven
Time Base options.

-	External arming/gating for synchronizing measurements to
external events.

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Hewlett Packard -- 5334A -- Руководство пользователя
Имя файла: HewlettPackard-3902-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Руководство Тип: Руководство пользователя
Страницы: 171
Размер: 7.77 Mbytes (8146234 Bytes)
Язык: английский
Manual-ID/Number: 05334-90047
Дата: Декабрь 1993
Качество: Отсканированы документу, все читается.
Дата публикации:
MD5: f4d878c64213ee33612002f3afbd3611
Скачиваний: 518 начиная с 09 Январь 2013
2937A (HP 5334B)

This manual applies directly to HP 5334As with Serial
Number Prefix 2938A and HP 5334Bs with Serial Prefix
The manual for an HP 5334A/B with a serial number prefix
higher than the ones listed above will include a “Manual
Changes” supplement which will describe what changes,
if any, need to be made to the manual to make it match
the instrument it accompanies. For serial prefixes
below the ones indicated in the above paragraph,
refer to Section VI1 of the appropriate Service Manual
for backdating.

This manual is designed to present the information
required by the user to effectively operate and program
the HP 5334A/B Universal Counter.
It is divided into sections, each relating to a specific
topic. As much as possible the sections are self-contained.
It is the intention of this manual to allow for quick
location of desired information, while still providing
the overall depth of detail required. Some sections
provide the learning and working information and
will be used frequently. Other sections are dedicated
to general and introductory types of information
and are intended to be used only for reference.
Where applicable, photos, illustrations, and diagram
foldouts have been placed throughout the manual.
In limiting the depth of coverage in this manual,
a certain amount of previous knowledge on the part
of the reader must be assumed. A variety of additional
related documentation is available. These materials
address in depth the specific areas of interest and
should be used, whenever necessary, to supplement
this manual. Users unfamiliar with HP-IB or Logic
Symbology, for example, may want to refer to the HP
5334A/B Documentation Map to find additional sources
of information.
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Hewlett Packard -- 5334A -- Технический паспорт
Имя файла: HewlettPackard-10065-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Руководство Тип: Технический паспорт
Страницы: 2
Размер: 665.83 Kbytes (681812 Bytes)
Язык: английский
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MD5: f6395b87a55a83fedb6399ebc155f1f5
Скачиваний: 8 начиная с 30 Декабрь 2017
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