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Philips HQ 488/A NiMH Бритва
Модель: HQ 488/A NiMH
Дата: 1998
Категория: Главная Электроника
Группа: Бритва
Описание: Rechargeable shaver
                                    The HQ488 shaver can be recharged in 1 hour
by means of a ’Fly Back Self Oscillating Power
This electronic circuit enables the cell to be
charged at 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz.
It is possible to have a shave directly from the
The green LED only illuminates when the shaver
is connected to the mains.
The electronic circuit incorporates the following
functions and controls:
- a 1200 mA Quick Charge supply.
- a 35 mA Trickle Charge supply.
- a 1.25 V / 2.1 A Dynamic supply when shaving
from the mains.
- an open cell protection (Vbat >1.8V).
- a temperature protection of the cell.
(if Tcell - Tamb >7C, charging will switch-over
from Quick Charge to Trickle Charge).

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