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Valhalla Scientifiс , Inc . 2500 Калибратор
Valhalla Scientifiс , Inc .
Модель: 2500
Дата: 1984
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Калибратор
Описание: AC-DC Current Calibrator
                                    The Vaihaila Scientific Model 2500 AC-DC Current
Calibrator is a complete wide range voltage-to-current
convertor. This instrument will convert a precision input
voltage to a proportional output current. If the input
voltage is DC, the output current w ill have the polarity of
the input voltage. If an AC signal is applied to the input
terminals, the output current will have the frequency and
phase of the applied input voltage. Seven current
ranges, from one microampere to one ampere are
selectable with the front panel range switch. The
legends above each push-button indicate the current
produced at the output terminals when one volt is ap­plied
to the input terminals.
1-3 The Model 2500 AC-DC Current Calibrator is housed
in an extra heavy-duty aluminum case, ideally suited to
the most rugged requirements.

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