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Advance Instruments OS250 Osciloscópio
Advance Instruments
Modelo: OS250
Data: 1974
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Osciloscópio
Descrição: 10MHz dual trace oscilloscope
                                    The Advance OS250 Oscilloscope is a 10 MHz dual trace
instrument with a 10cm x 8cm display. It is designed
for use in general purpose laboratory work, educational
uses, TV and servicing applications.

It features two identical input channels with a maximum
sensitivity of 5mV/cm and a bandwidth of DC to 10MHz.
The two channels may be viewed separately, alternately
at fast timebase speeds, or chopped at a 250kHz rate at
low timebase speeds.

Particular attention has been paid to trigger performance,
and the system used includes a variable control with
bright line operation in the absence of a signal,
or when the trigger level is outside the range of
the input signal.

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Advance Instruments -- OS250 -- Serviço e Manual do Usuário
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Tipo manual: Serviço e Manual do Usuário
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Advance Instruments -- OS250 -- Cirquit Diagrama
O nome do arquivo: Advance-9410-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo manual: Cirquit Diagrama
Páginas: 5
Tamanho: 1.28 Mbytes (1341433 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglês
Data: 01 Janeiro 1974
Qualidade: Documento Scaned, muito bem legível.
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Uploaded by: Alex
Info Note: All the schematics with good quality.
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Topic: Advance Instruments OS250
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OS250 user
Apr 2016
First Poster
OS250 user says...
Many thanks for the uploader, site creator and maintenance team! :)

My oscilloscope

This is my only oscilloscope, and im depending on him to do my school project. He always have been a got buddy, but now need some service.. and this manual are a great help!
So far im i see that the Diode bridge (MR301) are not rectifying well.. he are producing a AC current on output, and the DC tension is about 30V (instead 155V, even if i adjust R320). But after i replace a Diode Bridge by a new "2W08", after a couples os seconds i have a drop of tension across C315 (155V to 60V).. i need to troubleshoot a little more, but maybe is the C315, TR301 or TR302 that are not healthy.. we will see :)

have a good day everyone! and thanks again!
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