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IBM ThinkPad i Series 1500 (2621, 2651) Caderno
Modelo: ThinkPad i Series 1500 (2621, 2651)
Data: 2000
Categoria: Equipamentos de informática
Grupo: Caderno

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IBM -- ThinkPad i Series 1500 (2621, 2651) -- Manual de serviço
O nome do arquivo: IBM-2796-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo manual: Manual de serviço
Páginas: 172
Tamanho: 5.28 Mbytes (5536425 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglês
Revisão: first edition
Manual-ID/Number: 09N8606 and/or S09N-1084-01
Data: February 2000
Qualidade: Documento eletrônico, digitalização, bem legível.
Envie data:
MD5: d57d77df6f944c53fe395d3ae938c1c4
ed2kID: 000d561f7651d57f8be96ddd06916713
Downloads: 178 desde 21 December 2011
About this manual
This manual contains service and reference information for
IBM ThinkPad i Series 1400/1500 (2621) products. Use
this manual along with the advanced diagnostic tests to
troubleshoot problems effectively.
The manual is divided into sections as follows:
 Common sections provides general information,
guidelines, and safety information required to service
 Product-specific sections includes service, reference,
and product-specific parts information.
– Part I includes information on the models in
Group-A and B. (See the 2621 model table on
page iii.)
– Part II includes information on the models in
Group-C. (See the 2621 model table on page iii.)
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