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Fluke DTX-LT Analisador de Rede
Modelo: DTX-LT
Data: 2004
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Analisador de Rede
Descrição: CableAnalyzer
                                    The DTX CableAnalyzer’s powerful
features, speed, and superior accuracy
make your crews more efficient and
productive – and you can see the results
on the bottom line. It’s all about time –
and no other tester delivers like DTX.
• Increase productivity from day one.
Intuitive interface means your techs
spend less time in training and more
time testing.
• Zero to certified in 12 seconds.
This unheard-of Cat 6 test speed lets
you move from link to link three times
faster than with previous testers.
• Level IV Accuracy. Get the most
accurate test results in the shortest
possible time.
• 900 MHz frequency range. Prepares
you for future applications, such as
10 Gigabit Ethernet, Class F and CATV.
• Advanced time-saving diagnostics.
Pinpoints the location of a failure
and is the only tester that suggests
corrective action, saving troubleshooting
• Record-fast fiber certification.
Certifies a pair of fibers in 12 seconds
with DTX singlemode and multimode
fiber modules.
• 12-hour battery life. Gives you the
power to complete any job.
• Save time managing results.
From setup to reporting, LinkWare™
Cable Test Management Software‘s
simple user interface and time-saving
features increase productivity.

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Fluke -- DTX-LT -- folha de dados
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