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Swan Electronics Corp. 600-r Custom Odbiornik
Swan Electronics Corp.
Model: 600-r Custom
Data: 1971
Kategoria: Radiokomunikacja
Grupa: Odbiornik
                                    The Swan Model 600-R receiver is designed to be used
in CW, AM, SSB, FSK, and SSTV modes over all portions
of the 80,40, 20, 15, and 10 meter amateur radio hands.
Expanded frequency coverage is possible with the use
of the optional accessory 51OX Crystal Controlled
Oscillator or Model 330 General Coverage VFO. Basic
circuitry of the single conversion design has been proven
in many thousands of the popular Swan Transceivers.
Mechanical, electrical, and thermal stability is
exceptionally high. All oscillators are temperature
compensated and voltage regulated. Operation may be
fixed or portable.

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Swan Electronics Corp. -- 600-r Custom -- Serwis i User Manual
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Instrukcja obsługi Typ: Serwis i User Manual
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Język: Angielski
Manual-ID/Number: 1271/16
Data: 1971
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