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Sencore PR57 Test Set
Model: PR57
Kategoria: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Test Set
Opis: Variable Isolation Transformer And Safety Analyz
                                    The PR57 "POWERITE" lets you
know that your AC power is right and
includes a variable isolated 470 Watt
power transformer to isolate your AC
line and vary the output voltage from 0
to 150 volts. You'll monitor voltage,
current, and wattage to prove that the
equipment under test isn't drawing too
much current at any voltage setting.
The PR57's AC line leakage safety test
assures that excessive leakage is not
present on any exposed part of the
equipment being tested. Perform this
important safety test on every
customer's electronic products far his
security and your piece of mind,

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Sencore -- PR57 -- Dane techniczne
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