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Solartron 7150 Digitale multimeter
Model: 7150
Datum: 1983
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Digitale multimeter
                                    The Solartron 7150 Digital Multimeter is suitable for
general-purpose bench applications and for systems use. It
performs all common measurement functions and has a scale
length in excess of 200000. The Multimeter has a built-in
GP-IB Systems Interface port which conforms with the
internationally-recognised IEEE 488 (1978) standard, thus
ensuring the compatibility of the 7150 with a wide range of
system devices produced both by Solartron and by other

The front panel controls permit all main functions to be
selected or changed. Additional facilities become available
when the 7150 is controlled remotely via the GP-IB Interface

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This manual contains maintenance information and it should
be used in conjunction with the 7150 Digital Multimeter
Operating Manual (Part No. 71500010) which is supplied with
each instrument.

The information provided includes

Circuit diagrams along with circuit descriptions Component
layout diagrams and parts lists.

Setting-up and calibration procedures Dismantling and
reassembling instructions.

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