Apparatuur informatie:

Aiwa HS-RX695 [YJ] Audiosysteem
Model: HS-RX695 [YJ]
Categorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Groep: Audiosysteem
Frequncy range:     Reception Area “EU”:
                    AM 531 kHz - 1602 kHz (9 kHz step)
                    FM1, FM2 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz (50 kHz step)
                    Reception Area “USA”:
                    AM 530 kHz - 1710 kHz (10 kHz step)
                    FM1, FM2 87.5 MHz - 108.1 MHz (200 kHz)
                    Reception Area “JPN”:
                    AM 531 kHz - 1629 kHz (9 kHz steps)
                    FM1, FM2 76 MHz - 108 MHz
                    (100 kHz step in 76 MHz - 90 MHz,
                    50 kHz step in 90 - 108 MHz)
Maximum output:     7 mW + 7 mW (EIAJ/32W)
Power source:       Battery DC 3V, size AA(R6) X 2
                    Domestic AC power (using optional AC adaptor AIWA AC-D302)
Maximum dimensions: 112.9 (W) X 81.2 (H) X 33.8 (D) mm (41/2 x 31/4x 13/8 in.)
Weight:             Approx.154.5g (5.4 oz) (excluding batteries)

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Aiwa -- HS-RX695 [YJ] -- Servicehandboek Extension
File name: Aiwa-1479-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Handleidingen Type: Servicehandboek Extension
Pagina's: 10
Maat: 739.94 Kbytes (757699 Bytes)
Taal: Engels
Herziening van:
Manual-ID/Number: 09-99A-413-8S1
Kwaliteit: Elektronisch document, geen scan, zeer goed leesbaar.
Upload datum:
MD5: 72bc8d26567160e93359b60f24a7c871
ed2kID: 4994b026321aa8837073311f78b926d6
Downloads: 374 sinds 24 februari 2009
This Service Manual contains information about the difference between
HS-RX695 and HS-RX695. If requiring other information, see Service
Manual of HS-RX693/695, (S/M Code No. 09-997-413-8R1).
This Service Manual is the “Supplement” and replaces “Simple Manual”
HS-RX695, (S/M Code No. 09-998-413-8T2).
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