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Yamaha YP701 Draaischijf
Model: YP701
Categorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Groep: Draaischijf
Beschrijving: Belt Drive Stereo Turntable

Studio type S-shape tonearm This precision-designed tonearm
shape works like much longer studio types to provide
extra-low tracking error at all points of the record,
outstanding tracing ability with cartridges of any weight.
Precision suspension, plus perfect balance in every
direction means ultra-stable performance at any adjustment
setting, amazing signal-to-noise characteristics.
Extra-heavy platter, synchronous motor This extra-stable
high-torque drive unit is complemented by a big 30cm
aluminum diecast platter, precision balanced for smoother
performanceJower wow & flutter. Try the whole super smooth
mechanism, feather-touch on/off controls.
Silicon-damped cueing lever Lets you lower and raise the
tonearm at any point slowly and safely. Use it when you want
to interrupt a record and begin again at the same point.
Extra-balance weight system Use the main weight's precision
0-4gr. continuous adjustment. Two different sub-weights let
you match any cartridge, no matter how heavy or light.
Adjustable anti-skating Overcomes the tonearm's tendency to
bounce off the outer wall of the record groove and "skate"
to the inside. Balance its setting to the stylus pressure
for perfect left-right stereo reproduction, reduced record
and stylus wear.
Lateral balance adjustment With it there’s no question that
the tonearm is in perfect left/right balance, to withstand
side force generated by warped records, etc. Precision
adjustment possible thanks to a unique sliding weight/ shaft
Auto-cut; auto-return When record play begins, auto-cut
arrests the sound signal until the stylus is in the groove.
No more annoying "thud" when the tonearm is lowered.
At the end of the record the auto-return system
automatically lifts the tonearm and returns it to its rest.
Ultra-smooth belt drive Every audio fan knows how superior
it is to the rubber idler system. It also permits fingertip
switchover between 33⅛ and 45rpm via a feather-light see-saw
Unique Yamaha double float construction
The turntable and tonearm shafts are on a signal base,
insulated by spring suspension. The motor has its own base
and springs. This means double protection against motor
noise and other vibrations.
No cartridge is included with the YP-701. The universal type
plug-in shell design lets you attach any of the world’s fine
cartridge in seconds.'The special sliding mount can be
adjusted for optimum overhang. In this way you can select
the best cartridge for your stereo system.
Cabinet: tough, stable, gorgeous Extra-heavy for plenty of
stability, the YP-701 cabinet is a wood/synthetics
masterpiece, boasting a lustrous finish for years of eye-appeal.

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