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Keithley 181 Multimètre numérique
Modèle: 181
Date: 1981
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Multimètre numérique
Description: Nanovoltmeter
                                    The Keithley Model 181 is a highly sensitive nanovoltmeter
with a large, easy to read 5½ or 6½ digit display. The Model
181 is unique in that it combines microprocessor technology
with a new concept in low-noise, high-gain front ends,
resulting in a programmable instrument with sensitivity
down to 10nV. The Model 181 provides highly accurate,
stable, low-noise readings on seven ranges for DC voltage
measurements between 1OnV and 1OOOV. The mV ranges
use a special low-thermal input connector, while connections
for the higher voltage ranges are made through two
S-way binding posts. Additional versatility is afforded by the
inclusion of an IEEE-488 interface which allows the unit to
communicate with other instrumentation.

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Keithley -- 181 -- Manuel de l'utilisateur
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Type de document: Manuel de l'utilisateur
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Keithley -- 181 -- Supplément manuel de réparation
Nom du fichier: Keithley-5545-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Type de document: Supplément manuel de réparation
Nombre de pages: 69
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Date: octobre 1981
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This addendum to the Model 181 Service Manual is being
provided in order to supply you with
the latest information in the least possible time. Please
incorporate these changes into the manual
before servicing the Model 181.
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