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Airborne Instruments Laboratory 7010 Générateur
Airborne Instruments Laboratory
Modèle: 7010
Date: 1965
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Générateur
Description: Coaxial Noise Generator
                                    The AIL Type 7010 Coaxial Noise Generator is an
accurate source of random noise over the frequency
range from 200 to 2600 Me. It consists of an argon-filled,
gas-discharge tube coaxially mounted in a helical
transmission line. Type-N connectors are provided
for making connections to the external RF circuit.

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Airborne Instruments Laboratory -- 7010 -- Service et Manuel de l'utilisateur
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Date: mars 1965
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I.	Introduction	1

II.	Specifications	2

III.	Operation	3

IV.	Theory of Operation	4 V.	Maintenance	10

VI.	Parts List	11

VII.	AIL Type 7011 Noise Generator	12

Figure	Page

1	AIL Type 7010 Coaxial Noise Generator	1

2	Typical SWR (Fired and Unfired)	2

3	Parts Location	3

4	Typical Relative Excess Noise Temperature	5

5	Measured Noise Figure	6

6	Decrease in Relative Excess Noise Temperature	7 as a Function of Noise Source Insertion Loss

7	Setup for Measuring Noise Figure	8

8	Type 7010 Noise Generator, Schematic Diagram	9

9	Type 7011 Coaxial Noise Generator	12 10	Lock Ring Placement	13
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