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Epson FX-2170 Imprimeur
Modèle: FX-2170
Date: 1995
Catégorie: Équipement informatique
Groupe: Imprimeur
Description: serial impact dot matrix printer

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Epson -- FX-2170 -- manuel de réparation
Nom du fichier: Epson-2865-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Type de document: manuel de réparation
Nombre de pages: 174
Taille du fichier: 4.37 Mbytes (4580131 Bytes)
langue: Anglais
Révision: A
Document ID/Numéro: 4005662
Date: 13 octobre 1995
qualité: Électronique de documents, numérisation sans, bien lisible.
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MD5: 8bf1da41a8fef4a605598a47ffce3bd0
Téléchargements: 275 depuis 27 décembre 2011
This manual describes functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance, and repair of
the FX-2170. The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair
technician, and attention should be given to the precautions on the preceding page. The chapters are
organized as follows:
Chapter 1 - Provides a general product overview, Lists specifications, and illustrates the main
components of the printer.
Chapter 2 - Describes the theory of printer operation.
Chapter 3 - Includes a step-by-step guide for product disassembly and assembly.
Chapter 4 - Includes a step-by step guide for addjustement.
Chapter 5 - Provides Epson-approved techniques for troubleshooting.
Chapter 6 - Describes prevetive maintenance techniques.
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