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Tektronix 7854 Oscilloscopes
Modèle: 7854
Date: 1980
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Oscilloscopes
Description: Oscilloscope with Waveform Calculator
                                    7854 FEATURES

The TEKTRONIX 7854 Oscilloscope with Waveform Calculator
combines the features of a high-performance plug-in
oscilloscope with a waveform-oriented dedicated-function
digital processor.

The waveform processor provides equivalent-time sampled
digitizing of waveforms to 400 megahertz equivalent-time
bandwidth The processor can be operated from either keyboard
(front-panel measurement keyboard or detachable Waveform
Calculator keyboard) or remotely over the GPIB (General
Purpose Interface Bus).

Programming, consisting of a series of commands stored for
later execution, is available to simplify measurements which
must be repeated Editing and execution is controlled either
from the Waveform Calculator or the GPIB

Les guides suivants sont disponibles pour l'équipement ci-dessus:

Tektronix -- 7854 -- Manuel de l'utilisateur
Nom du fichier: Tektronix-2573-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Type de document: Manuel de l'utilisateur
Nombre de pages: 440
Taille du fichier: 11.22 Mbytes (11765787 Bytes)
langue: anglaise
Révision: Revised
Document ID/Numéro: 070-2873-00
Date: mai 1989
qualité: Document scanné, la lecture en partie mal, en partie illisible.
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MD5: f91ed59d7a34b954468d2fd4cc72f87f
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Tektronix -- 7854 -- Service et Manuel de l'utilisateur
Nom du fichier: Tektronix-8950-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Type de document: Service et Manuel de l'utilisateur
Nombre de pages: 555
Taille du fichier: 89.06 Mbytes (93384853 Bytes)
langue: anglaise
Document ID/Numéro: 070-2874-01
Date: 01 septembre 1981
qualité: Document scanné, tous les lisible.
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Section 1—General Information contains installation
instructions, operating temperature considerations,
Tektronix Field Service, and instrument packaging information.

Section 2—Theory of Operation contains a basic block diagram
description and a detailed circuit analysis that may be
useful for servicing or operating the instrument.

Section 3—Maintenance describes routine and corrective
maintenance procedures with detailed instructions for
troubleshooting the analog circuits. Diagnostic
troubleshooting equipment and procedures can be purchased
separately, or refer repair to your Tektronix Field Office.

Section 4—Calibration contains procedures to check the
operational performance and electrical characteristics of
the instrument. A performance check summary provides a cross
reference between the specifications and related adjustment

Section 5—Instrument Options contains a description of
available options and locations of incorporated information
for these options.

Section 6—Replaceable Electrical Parts contains information
necessary to order replaceable parts and assemblies related
to the electrical functions of the instrument.
Section 7—Diagrams and Circuit Board Illustrations includes
detailed circuit schematics, locations of assembled boards
within the instrument, voltage and waveform information,
circuit board component locators, and locations of
adjustments to aid in the performance of the Adjustment and
Performance check portion of the Calibration procedure.

Section 8—Replaceable Mechanical Parts includes information
necessary to order replaceable mechanical parts and shows
exploded drawings which identify assemblies
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