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Okidata OL820 Imprimeur
Modèle: OL820
Date: 1992
Catégorie: Équipement informatique
Groupe: Imprimeur
Description: LED Page Printer
                                    The OL800 is a desktop, page printer, using a stationary LED head and dry electrophotography as
its exposure and development methods. The printer has a resolution of 300 x 300 dots per inch
and a continuous print speed of 8 letter-sized sheets per minute.
A 512Kbyte page memory is standard on the OL800; this can be expanded in 1 Mbyte increments
to 4.5 Mbyte with an optional RAM printed circuit board and memory chips.
The OL800 has three emulations. The HP Laserjet Series II emulation has 36 resident fonts. The
Diablo 630 emulation has 18 resident fonts and the IBM Proprinter XL emulation includes
twenty-six fonts. Two optional font cards can be installed with the Diablo and HP emulations. Six
cards are available at this time. The OL800 also accepts downloadable fonts.
Both a Centronics parallel interface and an RS-232C serial interface are standard.
Two consumables are used in the printer. The toner cartridge kit contains a toner cartridge, a
fuser cleaner pad, and an LED lens cleaner. The other consumable, the image drum cartridge kit,
includes an image drum cartridge and an ozone filter.
A letter-size paper tray is included with the printer, and legal, envelope, executive, and A4 trays
are also available. Paper feeding can be done automatically or manually.
The printer will print on a variety of paper types, labels, envelopes, and transparencies.
The OL820 includes all the features of the OL800, plus thirteen resident Bitstream typefaces. An
OL800 may be upgraded to an OL820 with the addition of OkiXpress. This feature provides
instant scaling of typefaces from 4 points to 240 points by using a proprietary font scaling chip and
Okidata provided software drivers.

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