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Keithley 2700 Test Set
Modèle: 2700
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Test Set
Description: Multimeter/Data Acquisition/ Switch Systems
                                    Integra Series systems (2700, 2701, 2750) combine
precision measurement, switching, and
control in a single, tightly integrated enclosure
for either rack-mounted or benchtop applications.
These cost-effective, high performance test
platforms offer affordable alternatives to separate
DMMs and switch systems, dataloggers/
recorders, plug-in card data acquisition equipment,
and VXI/PXI systems. The Integra Series
plug-in switching and control modules offer
unmatched flexibility and testing efficiency for a
wide range of industries and applications.
System builders can create test solutions with a
combination of channel count, cost per channel,
and system performance unmatched by any
other single-box measurement system. The input
modules provide the flexibility to vary the channel
count from 20 to 200 (2-pole), apply a stimulus
to the device under test, route signals, control
system components, and make precision
measurements with up to 14 functions. Robust
digital I/O capabilities can be used for triggering,
handshaking with other automation equipment,
and alarm limit outputs. Scan rates of up to 500
channels/second (up to 3500 readings/second
on a single channel) will increase test

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