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Gould 1602 Osciloscopio
Modelo: 1602
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Osciloscopio
Descripción: Digital Storage Oscilloscope
                                    The Gould 1600 digital storage oscilloscopes have
been designed to provide a versatile range of instruments
for use in a wide range of applications.

The 1600 can operate in storage or non-storage mode
(digital or analogue mode) as required and includes
all the features expected of an advanced modern oscilloscope
at the same time retaining user-friendliness.

For the first time user, obtaining a trace is especially
simple — just connect the signal and press the Auto
Setup button — the 1600 does the rest. Having obtained
a trace, three readily accessible cursors make it easy
to take automatic time and voltage measurements directly
from the display. The innovative use of five-position
paddle controls instead of dials makes precise control
of the instrument possible, the digital readout on the
display constantly showing the current status where
More advanced features of the 1600 include a comprehensive
system of menu-controlled functions. For example, the
Acquisition/Trigger menu operates features such as the
glitch detection function and the trigger delay, division
and pre-trigger display functions. The pretrigger display
function allows the signal immediately prior to the
trigger point to be captured and displayed.

Another menu-controlled feature of the 1600 is its
memory. Two complete traces can be stored for future
use, and four complete front-panel control setups. With
the optional battery backup facility, these can be
retained even when the 1600 is switched off.
The 1600 comes complete with serial-channel and four-parallel
channel analogue outputs for use with external plotters
as standard. Optional extras include GPIB (IEEE488)
& RS423 input/output ports for external control by a
host computer, and Gould waveform processors to provide
enchanced measurement and trace processing.

Estos manuales están disponibles para los equipos de arriba:

Gould -- 1602 -- Manual del usuario
Nombre de archivo: Gould-4208-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo de Manual: Manual del usuario
Páginas: 68
Tamaño: 4.12 Mbytes (4315768 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglés
Manual-ID/Number: 456840
Calidad: Documento Scaned, todo legible.
Fecha de envío:
MD5: 479664520b2915089c4039f89ed320a0
ed2kID: e394fe992c2883a110eff0b5d4d6d39f
Descargas: 1072 desde 06 marzo 2013
Introduction	3

1.	Operation	4

1.0	Safety and Power Requirements	4

1.1	Getting Started	4

1.2	Vertical Position and Attenuators	8

1.3	Horizontal Position and Timebase	10-

1.4	Basic Trigger Control	11

1.5	Acquisition Facilities	13

1.6	Cursor Measurements	15

1.7	Input/Output	16

2.	Advanced Features	17

2.0	Additional Buttons	17

2.1	Master Menu	17

2.2	Status Menu	17

2.3	Acquisition/Trigger Menu	18

2.4	Display Menu	20

2.5	Save/Recall Control Settings Menu	20

2.6	Plot Menu	21

2.7	Special Functions Menu	21

3.	1600 Options	23

3.1	GPIB (IEEE488) Interface	23

3.2	RS423 Interface	43

3.3	Waveform Processor type 160	44

4.	Performance Checking	57

5.	Alphabetical Summary of the Buttons	59 Appendix: Specification	61 Index	65

Guarantee and Service Facilities 68
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Gould -- 1602 -- Manual del usuario
Nombre de archivo: Gould-9537-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo de Manual: Manual del usuario
Páginas: 86
Tamaño: 6.60 Mbytes (6921030 Bytes)
Idioma: alemán
Manual-ID/Number: 430010
Calidad: Documento Scaned, todo legible.
Fecha de envío:
MD5: da63819fc6ced621986c7855ad429be3
ed2kID: 7190722537e8872dd8f9e5053ff64db0
Descargas: 5 desde 17 septiembre 2017

1.	Bedienung	4

1.0	Sicherheitsbestimmungen und

NetzanschtuS	4

1.1	Inbetriebnahme	4

1.2	Vertikaiposition und

Eingangsabschwacher	9

1.3	Horizontaiposition und

Zeitbasiseinsteliung	11

1.4	GrundeinsteMungen der Triggerung	13

1.5	Fundamentale Erfassungseinrich-

tungen	16

1.6	Messungen unterVerwendung der

Cursor	18

1.7	Ein-und Ausgange	19

2.	Eigenschaften fur komplexe Anwendungen	21

2.0	Zusatzliche Bedienelemente	21

2.1	DasHauptmenu	21

2.2	Das Menu Status	21

2.3	Das Menu Acquisition/Trigger	23

2.4	Das Menu Display	24

2.5	Menu Save/Recall SET UPS	25

2.6	Das Menu Plot	26

2.7	Das Menu Special Functions	27

3.	Optionen fur die Oszilloskope der Serie 1600	28

3.1	Ein-/Ausgabe-Schnittstelie nach der

Norm IEEE488-1978	28

3.2	Ein-/Ausgabe-Schnittstelle nach

der EIA-Norm RS-423	53

3.3	Signalprozessor 160	54

4.	Priifen auf korrekte Funktion	71

5.	Alphabetische Liste von Bedien- und

Anzeigeelementen auf der Frontpiatte	73

Anhang: Technische Daten	76

Stichwortverzeichnis	82

Garantie und Kundendienststelien	85
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