Información del equipo:

Tektronix 5006 Otro
Modelo: 5006
Fecha: 1981
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Otro
Descripción: Power Module
                                    The TM 5006 is a six-compartment power module compatible
with TM 500/TM 5000-Series plug-ins. The power module
features a pulse width modulated switching dc power supply.
All dc voltages are regulated. The right compartment is
the high power compartment. The unit has forced air cooling.
temperature between +20°C and +30°C. The instrument must
be in a non-condensing environment whose limits are
described under the environmental part. Allow 30 minutes
warm-up time for operation to specified accuracy; 60
minutes after exposure to or storage in a high humidity
(condensing) environment. Any conditions that are
unique to a particular characteristic are expressly
stated as part of that characteristic.
Six individual connectors, one for each compartment,
provide connections to each GPIB compatible plug-in.
These connectors feed to a GPIB Interface board, then
to a standard GPIB connector on the rear panel. All
GPIB connections are separate from the board rear
interface connector.

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