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Leader LMV-181B Multímetro analógico
Modelo: LMV-181B
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Multímetro analógico
Descripción: AC Millivoltmeter
                                    These instruments are millivoltmeters and voltmeters
with mean value indicating devices that offer effective
value calibration, and are used for measuring sine
wave alternating current voltages of 100µV to 300V
(150µV to 500V) in the 5Hz to 1MHz frequency range.
These instrument are highly sensitive and precise.
New circuitry insures wide range readings with
excellent linearity characteristics. The use of
output terminals enables application of these
units as wide-band high gain amplifiers or
pre-amplifiers on other electronic apparatus.

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Leader -- LMV-181B -- Manual del usuario, Diagrama cirquit
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