Información del equipo:

Siemens HiPath 1120 Sistemas de Telecomunicaciones
Modelo: HiPath 1120
Fecha: 2007
Categoría: Radio, Comunicación
Grupo: Sistemas de Telecomunicaciones

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Tipo de manual: Manual de servicio Siemens-3113-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Páginas: 359
Tamaño: 18.46 Mbytes (19353295 Bytes)
Idioma Inglés
Revisión: 7
Manual-/ número de identificación: A31003-K1270-S100-3-7620
Fecha: 20 marzo 2007
Calidad: Documento electrónico, sin análisis, muy bien legible.
Fecha de carga:
MD5: cf321cab143b4625de6bea3726c573f6
Descargas: 4333 desde 21 enero 2012
This manual provides information about the HiPath 1100 Communications Systems.
This manual was designed to provide information in information mapping format. It is divided into sections and units that present, as clearly as possible, all steps required to perform specific tasks when operating the system. It makes it easy for technical personnel to find the information needed and learn it quickly.
Main sections of this Manual.
●Chapter 2, “System Data” provides a description of the HiPath 1100 system, technical information, and a list of relevant documentation.
●Chapter 3, “Modules” describes all the modules that comprise the HiPath 1100 system as well as their characteristics.
●Chapter 4, “Installation” provides information on how to setup and install the HiPath 1100, including recommendations and important notes.
●Chapter 5, “Telephones” describes Standard and System Telephones.
●Chapter 6, “Operation” describes the procedures for starting up the HiPath 1100.
●Chapter 7, “Configuring the system specifically for the client” lists all programming codes and their functions.
●Chapter 8, “Feature access codes” contains a summarized table of all the features of the HiPath 1100 system.

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