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Sony PMW-EX30 DVD HD recorder
Model PMW-EX30
Date 2008
Category: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Group DVD HD recorder
Description Solid-State Memory Recorder
                                    The PMW-EX30 is a highly compact, high-
performance XDCAM EX 1) series memory
recorder that uses SxS 1) memory cards as
recording media. Like PMW-EX series
camcorders, the PMW-EX30 can record
and play back 1920 ×1080 HD video and
high-quality uncompressed audio.
A New Generation of HD
Recording System
New nonlinear recording media
Using SxS memory cards, the PMW-EX30
offers nonlinear capabilities such as instant
random access and file-based operation.
HD recording using the “MPEG-2
Long GOP” codec
The PMW-EX30 records 1920 × 1080 HD
images using “MPEG-2 Long GOP” codec
compression. This mature “MPEG-2 Long
GOP” codec, which is also adopted in the
XDCAM 1) HD and HDV 2) 1080i series of
products, enables you to record stunning-
quality HD video and audio.
Selectable bit rates
The PMW-EX30 offers a choice of bit
rates: either 35 Mbps (HQ mode) or
25 Mbps (SP mode), depending on the
desired picture quality and recording time.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type User Manual Sony-5096-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 111
Size 3.86 Mbytes (4046977 Bytes)
Language english
Manual-ID/Number 3-879-701-12(1)
Date 2008
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
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