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Hewlett Packard 1602A Analyzer
Hewlett Packard
Model 1602A
Date 1978
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Analyzer
Description Logic State Analyzer
                                    The Model 1602A keyboard-controlled Logic State Analyzer is
intended for use in the design and troubleshooting of
digital systems. The 16-bit wide, 64-word deep memory
operates at clock speeds to 10 MHz and allows the instrument
to capture virtually any 64-word sequence in a system. The
data may be registered with versatile pattern recognition
trigger and digital delay. Measurements of system activity
are displayed on the 1602A LED readout in hexadecimal,
decimal, octal, or binary format, which eliminates the need
for base conversions by the operator. Keyboard entry of the
desired trigger is in the same base as selected for the display.

The 1602A probe is a single pod containing all 16 data
lines, clock, clock qualifier, and ground. At the
front of the pod is a standard edge connector which allows
the operator to quickly move the probe from one test point
to another. Probe input threshold is TTL.

The Model 1602A has two rear panel TTL qualifier inputs:
clock-qualifier and trigger-qualifier inputs are designed to
be fully compatible with the Model 10250A “And” Gate Trigger

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Pages 92
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Manual-ID/Number 01602-90902
Date March 1978
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This manual applies directly to instruments with serial
numbers prefixed 1717A.

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