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Hewlett Packard 5315A Frequency counter
Hewlett Packard
Model 5315A
Date 1978
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Frequency counter
Description 100MHz Universal Counter
                                    The HP 5315A and 5315B are universal counters,
measuringsignalsovera rangefromO.1 Hz to 100 MHz. The 5315A
and 5315B measure frequency, period, time interval, time
interval average, time interval holdoff (delay), and ratio.
A totalize function with manual or external gating is also
provided. All measurements except totalize are displayed in
scientific notation with up to eight digits of resolution.

Two independent input channels provide time interval
measurements. Each input channel has an attenuator (XI,
X20), trigger slope selector, trigger level and sensitivity
control, and AC-DC coupling. A switchable low-pass filter on
Channel A and three-state trigger lights are also provided.

Option 003, 1 GHz third or “C” input channel for the
5315A/B, provides frequency measurements from 50 MHz to 1
GHz. The input sensitivity is 15 mV for frequencies between
50 and 650 MHz, and 75 mV for frequencies between 650 MHz
and 1 GHz. The C Channel is a 50-ohm input with a dynamic
input range of IV rms. The input is prescaled by 10 to
achieve a 1 GHz frequency range. Complete specifications for
the Option 003 are listed in Table 1-1.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service and User Manual HewlettPackard-4904-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 127
Size 6.63 Mbytes (6949536 Bytes)
Language english
Revision 3
Manual-ID/Number 05315-90021
Date August 1981
Quality Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable.
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Serial Prefix: 2120A
This manual applies to instruments with Serial Prefix 2120A
unless accompanied by a Manual Change Sheet.

For Serial Prefixes 2032A and below, refer to Section VII
for manual backdating.

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