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Hewlett Packard 5254C Other
Hewlett Packard
Model 5254C
Date 1964
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Other
Description Frequency Converter
                                    The Hewlett-Packard Model 5254C Frequency Converter is a
plug-in unit which extends the frequency measuring
capability of an HP Electronic Counter from . 15 to 3. 0 GHz
(150 MHz to 3000 MHz).

The stability and accuracy of the basic counter are retained
by multiplying a 10-MHz signal, derived from the 1-MHz
internal tizne base of the counter, to 50 MHz and selecting
a harmonic frequency between 200 and 2950 MHz. This known
harmonic of 50 MHz is then heterodyned with the INPUT
signal. The resulting difference frequency, if between 1 MHz
and 53 MHz (bandwidth of amplifier in plug-in) is counted
and displayed by the counter. The frequency of the INPUT
signal is then indicated by the combination of the MIXING
FREQUENCY control (in gigahertz; front panel of plug-in) and
the digital display of the counter (in megahertz).

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Hewlett Packard -- 5254C -- Service and User Manual
File name HewlettPackard-4903-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Manual Type Service and User Manual
Pages 69
Size 5.68 Mbytes (5953791 Bytes)
Language english
Manual-ID/Number 05254-9019
Date September 1971
Quality Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date
MD5 faed40721db42032de7680b6b4d97873
Downloads 172 since 24 November 2013
This manual applies directly to HP Model 5254C Frequency
Converter having serial prefix number 1124A.

MODELS 5254A & 5245B
This manual with information provided in Section VII also
applies to Model 5254B Frequency Converter having serial
prefix number 952-, 712-, 514-, 429-, and 415.
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