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Hewlett Packard 5085A Power supply
Hewlett Packard
Model 5085A
Date 1965
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Power supply
Description Standby Power Supply
                                    The Hewlett-Packard Model 5085A Standby Power Supply
provides uninterrupted regulated 24 volts dc at a 2-ampere
rated output. With the internal batteries at normal (60%)
charge, the Model 5085A has a standby capability of 14
ampere-hours at +25°C. A r eserve-char ge feature permits
charging the batteries to full capacity, providing 21
ampere-hours of standby power. The Model 5085A is designed
to be rackmounted; hardware necessary for rack installation
is supplied with the instrument (except screws for attaching
to rack).

The Standby Power Supply consists of: 1) ac-to-dc supply; 2)
battery supply regulator; 3) output voltage regulator; 4)
standby storage battery; 5) relay and indicator circuits.
When operating from ac line voltage, the supply provides
regulated 24 volts dc to the load and charging current to
the standby storage battery. When ac power is interrupted,
the battery immediately supplies power to the load, the
relay switches, and the AC INTERRUPT light indicates the
interruption of line power. When ac power to the Model 5085A
resumes, the circuits automatically return to the original
condition of supplying the load and charging the battery,
except that the AC INTERRUPT light remains on until manually
reset by pressing the RESET button. Normally, the internal
battery is charged to 60 per cent of its ampere-hour
capacity. The internal Normal Charge/Reserve Charge switch
enables charging the battery to full capacity.

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Date October 1965
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This manual applies directly to 0 Model 5085A Standby Power
Supplies having serial number prefix 604-,

This manual with changes provided in Appendix I applies to
older models having serial number prefix 524-,

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