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Hewlett Packard 3560A Signal Analyzer
Hewlett Packard
Model 3560A
Date 1992
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Signal Analyzer
Description Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzer
                                    The HP 3560A Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzer is a portable
FFT-based instrument capable of measuring time domain and
the frequency spectrum signals of both steady state and
quickly changing signal sources. With two input channels,
the HP 3560A provides a variety of frequency response
measurements with a frequency range from 31.25 mHz to 40 kHz.
The analyzer’s battery operation, light weight (7 kg), and
protected enclosure allow you to take measurements in
harsh environments normally encountered in portable
applications. The HP 3560A enclosure is dust and water

The HP 3560A also serves as a powerful analysis tool.
The ICP input mode directly powers accelerometers, so
external signal conditioning hardware is not required.
Octave measurements, spectral map displays, and marker
functions complete fill out the analyzer’s measurement

Analysis features provide the power needed to isolate
mechanical noise and vibration signal sources. Octave
measurements let you use standard acoustic techniques
in characterizing signals. The octave measurements comply
with ANSI SI.11 standard frequency bands and filter

Spectral map displays allow you to view your signal and
how it changes as a function of time. The spectral map
display combined with the external sampling capability
of the HP 3560A make it easy to determine which vibration
signals are related to the operating speed of the machine
and which are fixed frequency signals due to other vibration
modes such as structural resonances or oil whirl.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Hewlett Packard -- 3560A -- Service and User Manual
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Manual Type Service and User Manual
Pages 423
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Language english
Manual-ID/Number 03560-90016
Date 01 June 1993
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