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Hewlett Packard 3580A Spectrum analyzer
Hewlett Packard
Model 3580A
Date 1980
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Spectrum analyzer
                                    The Hewlett-Packard Model 3580A Spectrum Analyzer is a
low frequency instrument that has been optimized for use in
the 5 Hz to 50 kHz range. The 3580A functions as a signal analyzer
or as a network analyzer. When used as a signal analyzer, the
3580A provides a graphical display of the spectral components of
an input signal. When used as a network analyzer, the 3580A plots
the amplitude vs. frequency characteristics of 2-port networks
such as amplifiers, attenuators and filters.

The major features of the 3580A include a digitally stored
display, adaptive sweep, six selectable band-widths (1 Hz -
300 Hz), 30 nV sensitivity and 80 dB dynamic range. These
standard features, along with optional balanced inputs and
an internal rechargeable battery pack, make the 3580A ideally
suited for communications, geophyical, oceanography and
metrology applications.

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