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Emco V-20 Analog multimeter
Model V-20
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Analog multimeter
                                    The EMCO Model V-20 a high quality, 31 range multimeter,
provided with a 50 microampere, D’Arsonval meter
movement to give a sensitivity of 20,000 ohms per volt on
DC and 1000 ohms per volt on AC. This high sensitivity
results in light loading and, therefore, minimum disturbance
in the circuit under test, an indispensable feature for
accurate measurement. The quality of this instrument is
further exemplified by the inclusion of wire-wound
potentiometers (shunting and in series with the rectifier),
which are factory adjusted to compensate for the individual
characteristics of the rectifier in your instrument. This
built-in EMCO feature assures you of standardized accuracy
over a wide range of measurements.
This instrument provides AC and DC voltage measurement
from .1 volt (on the 2.5 volt scale) to 5000 volts
(an internal high voltage multiplier is included).
It also provides DC current measurement from 1 microampere
(on the 50 microampere scale) to 10 amperes. Resistance
ranges to 20 megohms, output, and decibel ranges bring
the total number of useful ranges to 31. An added feature
of this instrument is an internal blocking capacitor
that can be switched when it is desired to measure
the output signal voltage in circuits where DC is

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Emco -- V-20 -- User Manual with schematics
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