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CBS Laboratories Volumax Other
CBS Laboratories
Model Volumax
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Other
Description Automatic Peak Controller
                                    The new solid-state Volumax , like its companion-piece,
the CBS Laboratories' Audimax*, is a tool to help the
broadcaster achieve maximum program power within appropriate
modulation limits.
Designed primarily for use with well-controlled average
input levels such as Audimax provides, Volumax replaces
conventional peak limiters for the prevention of carrier
overmodulation by instantaneous program peaks. With conventional
peak limiters, the broadcaster has to choose between two
evils: either program level must be reduced so that
limiting of peaks will not be drastic enough to cause
distortion and "pumping"; or this audible distortion
must be tolerated.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

CBS Laboratories -- Volumax -- Service and User Manual
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