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IOTech Analyzer488 Network Analyzer
Model Analyzer488
Date 1989
Category: Measurement instruments
Group Network Analyzer
Description IEEE 488 Bus Analyzer
                                    The Analyzer488 IEEE 488 Bus Analyzer is a multifunction IEEE 488 device
that can monitor, capture, and analyze IEEE 488 bus events. The Analyzer488 can
function as a full-featured IEEE 488 bus controller, providing full IEEE 488-1978 bus
implementation. The Analyzer488 can also operate as an instrument simulator,
emulating any one of hundreds of IEEE 488 instruments, such as digital oscilloscopes
and multimeters. Data for several different waveforms can be retrieved from the
The Analyzer488 can be operated from the front panel or from a personal
computer or terminal connected to the serial port. Analyst488 software is included
that runs on an IBM PC to provide all the Analyzer488 functions using a menu driven
As a high level controller, the Analyzer488 interprets simple high level
commands sent from the computer's serial port and performs the necessary, and
usually complex, bus control and handshaking. The commands and protocol are
similar to those used by the Hewlett Packard HP-85 computer. As a low level
controller, The Analyzer488 offers complete control of bus management, data, and
handshaking lines.
Front panel operation allows a user to configure the Analyzer488, control the
IEEE 488 bus, view bus transactions, record bus transactions, and print recorded bus
events to a serial or IEEE 488 printer.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type User Manual IOTech-4592-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 281
Size 1.11 Mbytes (1158733 Bytes)
Language english
Revision 1.0
Manual-ID/Number Analyzer488-901
Date September 1989
Quality Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
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MD5 dc4b4eb3b66f2e39722f676e2230dfea
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This manual describes the operation of the Analyzer488 IEEE 488 Bus Analyzer,
manufactured by IOtech, Inc. It assumes that you are familiar with using the IEEE
488 bus, using a serial terminal, using a personal computer, menus, and using a
Section 1, Introduction, is an introduction to the Analyzer488. It includes a
description, specifications, and service information.
Section 2, Getting Started, presents a step-by-step introduction to using the
Analyzer488. It provides an overview of the three operating modes and examples of
displaying bus information, storing bus events, and analyzing bus data.
Section 3, Front Panel Operation, gives a detailed explanation of operating the
Analyzer488 from the front panel. It includes a description of all the controls and
indicators and provides examples of all the features of front panel operation.
Section 4, Serial Controller, provides a description of the Serial Controller Mode
of operation of the Analyzer488. It includes an explanation of how to use the
Analyzer488 as a serial controller and a detailed description of all the commands.
Section 5, Analyst488 PC Software, shows how to use the Analyzer488 with the
Analyst488 PC software running on an IBM PC computer. It includes a description of
all menus, screens, and windows and gives detailed examples of all the Analyst488
software features.
Section 6, Instrument Simulator, shows how the use the Analyzer488 as an
instrument simulator. It gives a detailed explanation of all the commands that are
available when the Analyzer488 is in this mode of operation.
Appendices A to H provide reference material, including an IEEE primer, cable
and pinout details, command summaries, a sample program listing, error messages,
and a glossary of terms.

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